Will Apple replace the screen in my Retina MacBook Pro? (Horrible screen retention)


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Dec 12, 2007
I bought my 15inch rMBP last June, and only within the past few months have I noticed horrible ghosting on my screen. I thought I was one of the lucky ones without this issue, but that obviously changed. I did this test (http://www.marco.org/rmbp-irtest.html) and the results were awful after only a few minutes. The whole issue actually appears to be getting worse as time goes on. If I take it to the store and show them that test, will they replace it free of charge? Thanks for any help on this matter!

Here's what it looks like!
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Aug 15, 2011
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Your laptop is less than a year old so they should fix the problem for free unless you did damage to the laptop by dropping it or spilling water on it. June is nearly here, schedule a genius appointment ASAP and have them fix your screen.


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Sep 22, 2012
Poop Yea, they will surely replace that screen.

That retention is really bad. Go in there, be nice, and they will help you out.

I've done the same thing already.

Oh yea, if they ask, have it sent to the factory to be repaired.

You may not have it for a few days, but believe me, I think the factory has more skills that the Geniuses in the stores.

I have had some problems with them not installing things correctly.

Just ask to have it shipped and they will send your repaired device back really fast.

I had mine in 3 days!