Will apple soon update their displays

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by daneoni, Apr 17, 2006.

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    Mar 24, 2006
    I'm seriously considering..gasp.. the new dell 20" (2007FPW) LCD display and i have in fact bought it to connect to my powerbook, but i was thinking maybe i should have waited since the apple displays are very much due for revision/upgrades. I'm thinking apple will soon release new displays...then again even if they do release new ones, my gut instincts tell me i still would'nt be able to afford it (which is the reason i'm considering dell anyway).

    I'm a college student and i have to be careful how i spend my money as i expect to upgrade my treo later this year, and intend on joining the intel mac bandwagon (macbook pro) soon so i'm looking at $3500 easy as a budget and adding another $700 to it is not really ideal. As much as i like apple i can't justify purchasing those displays.

    Anyways my question is should i return the dell and wait till april/june announcements before making a decision or should settle with the dell (which in no doubt is a worthy display)?
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    Oct 27, 2005
    Keep it. I bouth a 2005fpw recently and I'm quite happy with it. Personally, I can't stomach the price difference for an apple monitor regardless of how nice-looking they are.
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    Mar 30, 2004
    Apple will eventually update ACDs for sure and lower prices (I highly I doubt they will be cheaper than Dell's).

    It's been speculated that it will/should have improved panel (e.g., 20" iMac sports better panel than 20" ACD) and integrated iSight. As to when, what features, and what price, who knows? I am only speculating here, but upgraded ACDs will probably coincide with the release of Intel Power Macs (August?).
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    In general, when Apple updates their products, there's usually something pretty cool about the new ones that most other manufacturer haven't included. Whether that be better specs, a built in isight, I don't know.

    Apple may (cross fingers) update in a week at NAB, but if they don't update then, it might not be until August at WWDC.

    About a month ago, I was contemplating buying a 23" ACD with my powermac so I could cover it under the same applecare. I'm glad I decided not to. I'm lucky in that I have a 19" CRT that still works fine, so I plan on waiting to see what Apple has up its sleeve. If what they offer isn't a good value, I will likely go with a Dell 24" monitor, however, I think they'll have something really cool to offer, and I'm hoping it'll be sooner than later.
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    If they added an iSight to the new ACD, how would it connect? Would it be an exta USB or Firewire cord, or can that info be sent through the monitor cable?

    Sorry to threadjack.
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    No, you can't do that with DVI cable. It will mostly likely involve one of the USB/Firewire cables that currently come with the displays for the USB/Firewire hubs on the back of the display.

    That or they might abandon the firewire altogether and just have a single USB cord that travels with the DVI cord for your ports/built in iSight.
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    Apple probably knows they are losing a lot of display sales to Dell. I'm assuming they will do something to counter that by releasing something waay cooler than Dell is offering, or they will drop the price a little to push the fence sitters towards ACD. I'm thinking it's going to be the former and will be announced in August. New intel desktops in smaller form factor and burnished aluminium (gun metal grey) cases; along with matching ACD in 24", 30" and 40" sizes. All with SED technology.
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    sorry, what's the NAB? cheers
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