iPhone XS Will Apple store exchange phone purchased at carrier?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by torqueflight, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. torqueflight macrumors newbie

    Apr 3, 2018
    I'm considering taking a chance on upgrading 2 lines on Verizon with the XS. I have been following the discussion about the potential signal/connection/reception issues that seem to be affecting more than a few people so I'm concerned if I become one of them how will I best handle the problem.

    I was at a Verizon store today and asked the rep if he has heard about any problems with signal/connection on the XS or Max and he said "no". I told him about this website and other online discussions about the problem and he didn't seem interested. So I asked about the return/exchange policy. He quoted a $50 restocking fee if I returned within 14 days. Told him I would be less interested in doing that but wanted to know how hard to plead my case and get an exchange if it came down to that. He kinda babbled on about getting into diagnostics and I felt for sure that I'd be in for a run-around so I left without purchasing.

    If anyone here has any knowledge about the possibility of buying through a carrier but getting issues sorted out at an Apple store I'd like to know your experiences. The closest store to me is about an hour drive so I'd like to plan ahead for the worse case if I pull the trigger on this. Thanks in advance.
  2. C DM macrumors Sandy Bridge

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    Apple is the manufacturer, so you can always go through them when it comes to dealing with issues. As far as actual return or full exchange (for brand new) within 14 days goes, that would likely be something that would have to go through the actual seller that you got the device from.
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    You can only return the device where it was purchased from. So you can't return the device the the Apple store if you purchased it from Verizon Store (but then I guess it would also depend on which Verizon Store you bought it from as there are a lot of third party retail). What you can do is do a warranty replacement at the Apple Store if you find issues with the device.
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    For any Apple product (Laptop, phone, watch etc.) you purchase outside of any brick and mortar or online Apple store, it needs to be returned to the specific place of purchase. However, any problems you have with an Apple product, you can get it serviced or checked out (warranty wise) at an Apple Store.
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    If you bought from Verizon you would have to return to Verizon. If you had any issues with the phone that needed to be replaced you could go to Apple and have Apple replace it under warranty.

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