Will backing up via iTunes give me exact replica?

Discussion in 'iOS 12' started by MacBH928, Feb 18, 2019.

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    May 17, 2008
    I want to upgrade my iOS and I was wondering to be safe, if I back it up using iTunes and the update gives me issues, will the restoration from backup give me an exact replica?

    For example will it load all the passwords, notes, opened tabs in all browsers, SMS messages, files in PDF readers, videos in VLC, etc? like I didn't even attempt to update?

    Or will it just reload the same apps with the same settings but all data will be lost?
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    Hi MacBH928,

    As far as I know does a iTunes Backup include all the data inside of the apps (like videos in VLC or text in notes etc.) When you restore an iDevice with this backup the device will redownload the apps from the AppStore but will mege them with the backupeddata (not 100% sure - i have done this now for 3-4 times and the restored iphone was a 1to1 copy). This is some kind of similar to iCloud Backup - where only the data of the app and not the app itself will be restored.

    Make sure to encrypt a backup with a password to safe password and health data, too. (checkbox in iTunes)
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    Backup needs password to save password and health data. Most passwords are saved.

    Some exceptions:
    Some passwords are not saved by default due to app developer settings that you cannot change.
    Certain apps for 2FA might not work until authorized (do not erase your old phone until verified working).
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    Why do I need a password for a local backup? Its not going to iCloud

    thanks, I am not moving to a new phone, just upgrading the current one. I need 1to1 copy just incase something goes wrong.
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    It's to protect your sensitive data. If you don't put a password on your iTunes backup, your health data (and some other things) won't be backed up.

    The thing is if someone were to get a hold of your back-up file and it's not encrypted, they would have a lot of potentially sensitive data. Encrypting it prevents them from being able to see that data.
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    Not included: books, media, photos synced with iTunes or most third-party apps, cache. If backup is not encrypted: Wi-Fi settings (passwords for different Wi-Fi networks), keychain with all passwords(including some secured app data), Health and Home data are not included.

    Also note that app developers decide what to save in the backup, so you may never know what will be saved. Keep a copy of all important data.
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    Jul 1, 2014

    On the iPad, magazines are the things that don't back up well. And Dropbox (and on phone: a number of my files are cached for local/remote access).

    (Phone is a secondary device for me: email, calls, messaging, non-media consumption)
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    May 24, 2018

    Article above explains all the differences
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    Health data requires HIPAA compliance.

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