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    Hello everyone,

    I have wanted to buy an iPhone since they were first rumored to come out but was weary about having to unlock it (I live in Canada). When they first came out I kept myself familiar with all the news about them, how to unlock them, and I read all the posts about people having problems with them, how to fix them, etc. However, I stopped doing this about 4 months after they were released because I knew I wouldn't be buying one. Now, I am interested in buying one because all of the successful unlocking programs I have been hearing about. I just recently started getting back into reading all the posts that would help me out with my new iPhone but i've still got more reading to do (this is what I always do; research like crazy the product I'm interested in buying :)).

    My Motorola Razr phone that I've had for 8 months now fell in the toilet (don't ask) just recently and so I am in need of a new phone, as well my iPod stopped working. I was on the Solo Mobile network provider using a pay as you go plan. Now I will be switching to Rogers Wireless and will be getting a new number. However, I am interested in ONLY buying a SIM card from them and not a phone with it (I think this is possible?). Also, I want to remain on a pay as you go plan with Rogers using my iPhone.

    During my break between semesters I will be driving to the Walden Galleria in Buffalo to buy one. I know I have to pay by credit card, but is it okay that it is a Canadian credit card? I think I remember reading somewhere that someone tried to buy it online from the US Apple Store with a Canadian credit card, and it wouldn't work. Is there any online store I can buy an unopened, factory sealed iPhone and have it shipped here to Canada (not eBay)? I'd rather have it shipped to me, rather than having to drive to the States.

    Today, I'm going to get the Pwnage Tool for the iPhone and read the readme on how to do it, as well as the multiple posts on this site giving assistance so that I am ready and well read on the unlocking of the iPhone when I purchase it.

    Any help with the little questions I have asked throughout this post, as well as any advice and recommendations you may have for me would be greatly appreciated!

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    As long as the credit card is a company that a store accepts (ie. Visa, MasterCard, etc.), you shouldn't have a problem buying something with it. As far as I know, the only concern is what company's card you have, not what country you use it in.

    I suspect that the person who had trouble buying something from the US Apple store from Canada was that he/she put a Canadian shipping address down. I doubt that the US store will ship internationally. eBay, unfortunately, is the only place I know off the top of my head that you would be able to get an iPhone shipped to Canada. It would more than likely be unpackaged already and unlocked. If driving to your southern neighbor is an open and not too difficult option, I would suggest doing that. It will guarantee you a working and new iPhone.
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    Another option would be to get a prepaid American Credit card, they are pretty readily available from banks, malls, etc.
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    Buy off ebay and if your seller doesnt supply what they sold you. You will have recourse with your visa or master card.. I to am using an unlocked phone on the rogers network that I got to my door unlocked good to go for under $500 without the risk of unlocking it my self. Buy a sim card form rogers and have them port over your old number so you can keep it.

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