Will carriers allow you to trade in phones that have had their screen replaced?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by andyACEcandy, Sep 23, 2014.

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    So, I cracked my 5s screen a while ago and replaced the screen myself. Ordered the screen off eBay so I'm sure it's not some official Apple screen... but honestly it looks just fine to me and works, turns on, functions etc...

    I am wanting to do the trade-in with T-Mobile because they are offering $352 credit when I buy the iPhone 6... $352 seems pretty fair.

    Their terms & conditions say it must pass these inspections (which it does... but I'm just afraid they'll not give me the credit because I replaced the screen?):

    1. 1.) Does the device power on when fully charged and is it able to send and receive calls and texts?
    2. 2.) Does the LCD/screen work when turned on, without any cracks or void areas on the display screen?
    3. 3.) Does the phone have water damage? Direct and indirect moisture or liquid can damage your phone
    4. and it will not be eligible if the liquid damage indicator (LDI) has been activated. To check the LDI,
    5. remove the battery and verify that the small label (not the serial number label) located in the battery
    6. compartment has not changed to pink or red.
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    No mention of screen replacement, so I'm sure you'll be fine. Why don't you take it in and not say anything about this, and see if your 5S passes the inspection. Then, tell them you want a day to think about it, but wanted to see if your phone qualifies for the credit. This is what I'd do.
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    I actually already did take it in haha. They gave me a piece of paper that confirms everything I think. It says Maximum device recovery bill credit (estimate) $352
    Offer date: 9/18/2014

    I think my bases are covered... even though it says "estimate"

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