Will iCloud syncing eat up device space?

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    I don't understand iCloud. Bear with me. :)

    Hypothetically speaking, say I have a 8GB iPhone 4 and a 64GB iPad. Naturally I'm going to put more content on a 64GB device than I would on a 8GB one. My question is, how would this work in terms of syncing with iCloud? If the documents, photos, apps, etc that I keep on my generous iPad storage are synced to my lil bitty 8GB iPhone, wouldn't that eat up what little space I have on it?

    I know we have the option to turn off syncing for certain things. For example, I could turn off syncing for photos. But what if I'd like only SOME of my photos synced to all my devices? Do I have to make a choice between running out of space on my iPhone storage because my entire photo library has been synced to it, and not being able to use the sync feature for photos at ALL?

    Also, what about files on my Macbook? I have tons of pictures on my iPhoto. Are all of THOSE going to be synced to my iPad and iPhone if I activate iCloud?

    Thanks for helping me clear this up.
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    iCloud will not sync your entire photo library. It will only sync photos over iCloud that are placed in the Photostream section of iPhoto, or photos in the Photostream of either device.

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