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Aug 19, 2013
Hey. I'm thinking of buying iPad Mini Retina with 16 GB of storage. I will use it for reading news and playing a few games, maybe a few podcasts and a couple of songs but I don't think the music will take more than 1 GB. The thing is that I've hade the iPad Mini 16 GB without retina before and 16 GB was enough for me but I've read that the apps take more storage on the Retina. What do you think?


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May 15, 2007
It's MORE than enough for what you need and the 16GB offers the best value and is easier to sell.


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Jul 12, 2013
New York
Based on what you're using it for, it's more than enough so you shouldn't have to worry. Everyone has different needs for their iPads which determines what variation to buy.


Jul 18, 2013
You will have just over 12GB of space before you even add anything. I originally bought the 16GB Air and by the time I added apps, I had just over 8GB space left for anything else. For some reason, these iPads tend to have a lot of space dedicated to other.

I exchanged it for the 32GB and never restored my backup, started new. In just two hours of app uses and no streaming, I had 2.5GB of other space, no way to get rid of it, even using the various space reclaiming apps won't get rid of it.

I would get as much space as you can afford. Nothing like wishing you had more space when you can no longer exchange it.


Sep 23, 2013
Upstate, NY
Many people get by just fine with this base storage models. The key is that it requires a little more maintenance than other models as far as disk management is concerned. You'll have to be more selective about what songs, apps, stuff like that you keep on there.

But, it can be done. The base storage models are biggest sellers and it's not even close. People can manage it! ;)
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