Will iPhone 6 back scratch like iphone 4's antenna?


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Oct 25, 2011
New York
With cases on my 4s, dirt or fabric material in my pocket would seem to get stuck in the case of my 4S. When I would take the case off to change or clean it, the antenna would be all scuffed and scratched from the dirt rubbing between the case and antenna, do you think that would happen with the back of the 6? Iam just worried because I don't wanna take the plastic case off I have on my 6+ Now and see all scuffs on the back.


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Sep 13, 2014
iPhone 6/6+ are made of aluminum... the same stuff that coke cans are made of.

If you drop a coke can or rub sand against it, do you think it will scratch?

Make sure to clean your case every few days of gunk that might be in it to avoid scratches.

P.S. the 4s antenna was made of stainless steel! A much harder metal than aluminum.
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