Will iPhone 6 Include a Kill Switch?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by SpasticPat, Aug 17, 2014.

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    California passed a law requiring a kill switch in all phones in order to be sold in their state. The features offered by "Find My iPhone" wouldn't work for this would they? Even if you remote wipe your phone it's still usable if the phone gets unlocked and doesn't "ender the essential features of the smartphone inoperable." You can't really kill the phone, just wipe data right? So if I understand this, by July, 2015, the iPhone 6 and all other phones will need to include this killswitch to be sold in California correct?

    I wonder if Apple was aware of this before the iPhone 6 started being produced. If not, they'll have to start adding a killswitch to the phone before July 2015 in order to keep selling it. Think maybe they'll just update the model to include it closer to then?
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    iPhones already have kill switches.

    If you remote wipe the device, through Find my iPhone, the device can't be used at all. At all.

    The only way to unlock and setup the iPhone again, is to log in with the Apple ID that was associated with the iPhone before the remote wipe.
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    Yep. Any phone that runs iOS 7 now has a kill switch. If you have Find My iPhone on and a thief got your phone and DFU Restored it, it will not activate unless they know your Apple ID and password.
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    Thanks to iOS7, the iPhone already does. It looks like it slowed down the sale of stolen iPhones, though it hasn't fully eliminated it.

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