Will jailbreaking atv 4th (9.0) brick my device again?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by nameste, May 8, 2017.

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    Mar 8, 2016
    Hello, ok before i start "I know jailbreaking is not really needed but i really wanted to try" I got an atv 4th gen and it came with tv os 9.0.I tought i jailbreaked the device successfully after that i tried to install nito tv i get
    "there is no reliable way to determine if you are on the 9.x or 10.x jailbreak, futher testing is needed before nitoTV will be available again. Sorry for any inconvenience.".
    And then i tried to connect atv either with usb-c cable or ssh but no luck.In the end i tried to factory reset but device bricked and send it back.Now i will get buy another one and i thinkit will also came with tv os 9.0 and i wonder if jailbreaking with pangu bricks the device or trying to install nitotv bricks?
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    Alright, I'll bite. A couple of questions...

    First, you put a couple of statements in quotation marks (" "). Who are you quoting?

    Second, you jailbroke an ATV4? With what? To my knowledge the last ATV jail brake was for the ATV2. No jail brake is possible on ATVs 3 or 4.

    edit: OK, I see there MAY be a possible ATV4 jail brake on the horizon but everything I read suggests it's not ready for prime time. Early adopters should not be surprised when things go sideways.

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