Will leopard be difficult to install?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by kmann, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. kmann macrumors newbie

    Feb 7, 2007
    Hey everyone,

    I'm going to be purchasing a macbook pro. If I buy now and then buy leopard when its released, will it be difficult to install? Is it worth waiting for leopard to be released and pre installed?

    Will the leopard upgrade disk be able to do a clean install of leopard without upgrading from tiger?

    Are there performance benefits of doing a clean install rather than a tiger upgrade?

  2. XIII macrumors 68040


    Aug 15, 2004
    It will be very easy to install - shove the DVD in, click through. Waiting saves you the money that Leopard costs.. thats about it.

    It will be able to do a clean install, yes. Lots of people like doing a clean install to clear out the system, and make it all new and fresh again when there is a new OS out.. and as it cleans the whole system to new again, I guess there probably will be performance benefits. But Leopard should work very well when installed as an upgrade to Tiger - a clean install is certainly not definitely needed.
  3. WillJS macrumors 65816


    Jan 6, 2007
  4. Jaffa Cake macrumors Core

    Jaffa Cake

    Aug 1, 2004
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    Installing previous versions of OS X has been a very simple process, and I see no reason why Leopard would be any different. Just pop your install disk in, click through a few buttons and you're set.

    The disk will give you the option of a clean install or just upgrading your OS, so all your files and settings stay intact. With a relatively new machine as you'll have, I don't really think you're going to see any fantastic benefits from doing a complete clean install – just upgrading from Tiger should do you fine.
  5. kmann thread starter macrumors newbie

    Feb 7, 2007
    Thanks for the responses. I got my first mac last year so I haven't been through an OS upgrade, yet. I'm going to go ahead and be getting the MBP this week! Also, I'm a student so hopefully the $69 or $79 student priced version of leopard talked about in other threads will be available.
  6. DeanCorp macrumors regular

    Jul 13, 2007
    Leopard is very very easy to install simply put in the disk and it will do its thing :) The big advantage of Leopard is the installation time is significantly reduced, when I re-installed Tiger, I couldn't believe how much faster Leopard actually was.

  7. barr08 macrumors 65816


    Aug 9, 2006
    Boston, MA
    Could this have been because you were on a beta?
  8. meagain macrumors 68030

    Nov 18, 2006
    If one wants to do a clean install, what would be the suggested way to backup all the docs, photos, 3rd party apps, etc. beforehand?
  9. smt1192 macrumors regular

    Jul 2, 2007
    External Hard Drive via USB 2.0
  10. meagain macrumors 68030

    Nov 18, 2006
    Yes, I know... I've only done it with windows and found it to be a complete nightmare. I'll search around on the net for this.

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