Will Leopard disks that come with an iMac work on a MacBook?


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Aug 18, 2008
I am currently running Mac OS X Version 10.4.11 (Tiger) on a MacBook.
My MacBook came with Leopard, but we bought if off eBay, so when I had to re-install the OS software (for reasons that are not pertinent), it went back to Tiger.
I am unhappy with Tiger for various reasons, and would like to go back to Leopard.
I do not want to pay the 100-odd dollars to buy Leopard from Apple or from eBay, because I'm only 16 and jobless so I don't have that kind of money.
My friend has an iMac and another friend who just got a new MacBook Pro, and I'm not sure the exact version of Leopard they have, but if I used their disks to update my MacBook, would it work?

If you need anymore information, please tell me.
Thank you! :)