Will Lightroom be able to work with iCloud Photo Library?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by sfgiants320, Jun 27, 2014.

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    I'm going to buy a DSLR (my first!) soon and hopefully get into serious photography, and I'll have a new iPhone as well (as soon as the iPhone 6 debuts) as my everyday camera. I plan on using iCloud Photo Library for everything I take with my iPhone, but I also plan on using Lightroom on my Mac to edit my entire collection (photos taken with the DSLR and the iPhone). My question is: will Lightroom be able to work with my iCloud Photo Library? So would I be able to take my SD card out of the DSLR, upload all my pictures to iCloud, and edit them within Lightroom? That way, all of my photos (from the DSLR and iPhone) could be stored in iCloud and edited in Lightroom.

    If anyone could lend more insight into this, I'd appreciate it!
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    Well the app is not even out yet so we really don't know.

    With that said, just look at how compatible Lightroom is with iPhoto and Aperture's library, or rather not compatible. So I'd say the odds of having LR being compatible to a proprietary library from apple is rather remote. Of course if apple goes the referenced file route, that may change things but I'm not hopeful.
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