Will mac performance and apple creativity go down?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by mcintoshmc, Mar 10, 2010.

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    Jan 3, 2009
    I'm a big time mac guy, actually, I'm a bigtime apple guy. I have almost all the new stuff that's come out the last 3+ years, and I completely hate pc's. I used pcs all my life, and finally got my 1st intel based iMac a few years ago, and haven't looked back since. I've been reading a lot lately about how the brand is growing and is immensly popular. People are converting to macs everyday, and developers are now wanting to develop games and other software for the mac. My fear is that the more popular macs get, that one day they'll be just as big as windows based pc's, and that is when quality and performance will go down, and third party vendors will manufacture different components to keep up with demand and compatibility. Viruses will be common, Steve Jobs will be retired, and the company that I've grown to love will be a shell of themselves. I hope I'm wrong, but I dread that day will come.
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    It's already started. We professionals, who supported Apple through their darkest days, are feeling increasingly ignored. You can find evidence of that all over this site. I have been an avid Mac user since the 80's, and for the first time am considering that I may have to move to Windows for work. Apple has been concentrating on phones, and mp3 players for several years now, while letting the computer end of the company rot.
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    Already, a variety of vendors provide components. You see this mentioned most often when people complain about certain LCD screens and how to determine the underlying manufacturer. Or sometimes people mention that a particular harddrive is having problems. I don't think it is any worse than other brand-name companies and I don't think it'll get any worse.

    I think social scientists might be able to say whether company culture fosters "creativity" and how hard/easy it is for company culture to change. I guess my point is that it depends on whether high level managers at Apple remain focused on providing "creative" products. Based on their history, I think the answer is yes.

    I would add that the impression of "creativity" is rather subjective. So one would need a metric like the number of patents granted per million dollars of revenue. Graph that over several years and you might be able to say whether such a proxy for "creativity" is increasing or decreasing. That's just an example proxy. It might be better to take the number of patents divided by number of employees or one could do a survey of the general public to rate the "creativity" of Apple.

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