Will MacBook Air push two external displays

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by roland.g, Oct 10, 2015.

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    I have a mid-2013 13" MBA driving an Apple TBD and a second HDMI monitor via a CalDigit TB dock. I also keep my email open on my MBA so actually have 3 displays. Works great.
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    I believe the only reason this works is because Windowsrefugee has an Apple Thunderbolt display. AFAIK, the 2012 MBA cannot drive the OP's two LG screens directly. There is a Matrox product called DualHead2go (IIRC) that can drive two monitors. However they are treated as one big virtual screen. In other words, two 1920x1080 monitors would be treated like a single 3840x1080 screen.

    The other option would be to use a USB monitor adapter, but that may not be suitable for all applications because of lag. It might also be possible to connect one of the screens to an AppleTV and use Airplay to drive it, but again there will be significant latency.

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