Will MacBook Pro's ever gain a modular drive bay?

Easy Rider

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Aug 15, 2006
I do lots of pro work ranging from audio to video editing. My mobile solution right now is a thinkpad.

The drive bay on the side, they call it ultra bay, whatever, is replaceable with three alternatives:

I can use my thinkpad in the standard way it was meant to be used with an optical drive.

I can use that bay to shove an extra hard drive in there, which is a god send for when i do editing, my main 160gb drive plus an extra 160gb in the drive bay = sweet!

I can use that bay to shove a battery in there so now I have 2 batteries giving me about 10 hours of battery life no sweat

Now I realize that Apple has some smart mofo's working for them, but do you think such a relativly simple feature will be added?

I can think of the benefits now, I mean whenever blueray or hddvd burners for laptops become cheap enough, instead of carrying around an external unit, or buying a new laptop, i can just swap the optical drive!

So what do you think guys, innovation is coming? or just another case change with no real benefits except maybe it looks a little bit cooler.


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Apr 28, 2004
prolly not 'modular'
(like the old G3 PB's)

but- i'd be surprised if they didn't get some sort of 'user changeable' drive like the macbook does


Dec 30, 2002
They'll probably get a user replaceable hard drive like the MacBook. I'd actually expect to see a major redesign of the MacBook Pro soon since the first Intel version was rushed and is basically Intel parts in a PowerBook case.


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Nov 16, 2004
A true modular drive - absolutely not. It was "shed" from PowerBooks starting with the Titanium G4. It won't be a "gained feature" - in the sense that Apple hasn't figure out how to make modular drives yet. They already did that, it's in the past, over and done with.