Will nail polish remover peel off the slate on the edges?

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    Mar 16, 2013
    Okay so I dented my black iPhone 5 a week ago and the aluminum beneath the slated side has been exposed.

    I got a regular permanent marker from the local store and it worked for a couple of days before it eventually lost its battle with the aluminium :rolleyes:

    I read through this forum and many people have recommended the Birchwood Casey touch up pen which I have ordered from Amazon but since I live in Pakistan, it'll take a month or so to get delivered.

    Now, meanwhile someone suggested me to use a bazel color nail polish, I found a close match but it didn't do the job for me. It looked really akward and I just rubbed it off with my fingers. The dented area is free of it now but it has sort of spread to the sides. It is not really visible meaning you have to really stare at it up close to see it but still it bugs me :(

    So here are my two questions:

    Will a nail polish remover peel of the color of the bazel ?

    How effective is the Birchwood Casey touch up pen, does it really last for a long time? touching it up once in a month or so isn't a problem at all but I don't to be using it daily, weekly etc

    I've attached a photo of the phone so that you guys can have a better idea.


    Thank you :)
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    Buy a bumper which will further protect the antenna band, hide that damage and add grip when handling the phone.

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