Will new SIM reset upgrade eligibility date?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Trippinbillie06, Oct 7, 2011.

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    Yes, that sounds confusing.

    Fact is, my wife attempted to preorder the IP4S this morning, but her discount eligibility date isn't until March (she was willing to pay the extra +$250). I think with all the commotion early this morning, something slipped through the cracks and she was able to get the full discount price.

    I just checked her eligibility and it still says March 2012. Question is, when the IP4S arrives, should she activate it with the supplied SIM, or activate it with the SIM from her IP4?

    I guess I'm hoping that if she used the old SIM her eligibility date would stay March 2012. Sneaky, I know (I'm not proud of it)!

    Also, we've always picked up our phones and the Apple store and had them activated there, so we don't know how the process works when it is delivered to the house.
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    Well if she was charged the discounted price then she can just use the micro-SIM from her iPhone 4. You won't know if AT&T's renewed her contract until the phone arrives though. If they renewed it then you're clear to go. If a few days go by after it's arrival and her upgrade data still shows March I'd worry. AT&T could possibly figure it out and charge her the full $649/$749 retail price.
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    It depends on which site you ordered the iPhone 4S from AT&T or Apple as far as the Micro-SIM is concerned. AT&T was able to use either Micro-SIM, while last year Apple ordered "upgrade" units wanted to activate with the IMEI and ICCID that were parked on the account. This caused some real fun last year since some Apple customers got iPhone 4 devices with someone elses phone number and it wanted the other individuals last 4 for SSN. :eek: This also caused some confusion for early flippers on eBay when the average buyer could not figure out how to get the iPhone 4 activated.

    However a new contract will be started before the device ships. Part of the final steps before shippment are a scan of the IMEI and the ICCID to park the information on the AT&T account. This is also one way to verify that your phone is almost out the door in China. You will a new contract reference and based on your AT&T preferences you may receive an email with the PDF of the CSS that provides a summary of your new AT&T agreement. :D

    Both Apple and AT&T support activation at home and this year should be more fun since we will be able to do PC free activations, no need to connect to iTunes to get activation. Check back for more details right here on Macrumors....:D


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