Will next nMP still have Thunderbolt?


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Mar 14, 2013
Santa Fe, NM

I have a question for the masses. I am running out of HD space and I have data spread and copied across four drives. It is getting rather messy and I want to consolidate. I want to buy a 4 bay HD enclosure and looking at a Thunderbolt enclosure. My question is, with the recent announcement of USB-c, do you think there will still be a Thunderbolt jack on the newest MP update, assuming one ever happens?

I have a spec' out late 2013 iMac which will hopefully keep me going until a next MP, which I would be inclined to get (although Adobe has yet to get on board with the design like say...FCPx does).

Is it stupid to buy anything Thunderbolt at this point?



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Jul 23, 2012
it Will have usb-c with thunderbolt 3 "backward compatible" integrated and there will be adapters so you can continue to use yours T1 and T2 devices.
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Aug 16, 2011
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Sure will come with at least 4 TB2 ports, maybe w/o Video Signal, and 4 TB3/USB-C/USB 3.0/Display Port, not USB 3.1 not supported by STD X99/C612 Chipsets, unless Apple requested it, I dont consider it likely to occur soon.

Adaptesr for TB2<=>TB3 (USB-C) may be availble but with some limitations on which directions is possible to send TB23/TB3 signals, morelikely will see only adaptors for USB-C <==> DisplayPort/USB3 w/o thunderbolt signal.

The Updated Mac Pro sure will axe old style USB ports


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May 12, 2005
Thunderbolt is more like Kittenmew at this point.
Dubious future... functional, but will soon be eclipsed.
I'm almost certain that the upcoming new 2017 nmp will have much better connectivity.