Will QuickTime 7 be able to play .avi's?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by jessearl, Mar 19, 2005.

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    Mar 7, 2005
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    Quicktime 6 can play AVI files so I don't see why 7 wouldn't be able to. It's just a matter of having the codecs that were used to encode each AVI file. Like Quicktime's own format, AVI is just a "container" format and the actual data is encoded using any of a number of codecs.

    So far I haven't had too many problems playing most AVI files in Quicktime 6.5.2. I have downloaded and installed DivX and Indeo (and I think maybe XviD?) codecs for Quicktime -- a process you need to do even with any Window media player.

    My concern is whether QT7 will finally be able to play all standard MPEG-1 (and MPEG-2) videos. This is where I've personally run into troubles with QT6.
  4. Lacero macrumors 604


    Jan 20, 2005
    Search for the Divx and 3vix codecs and you'll be set to watch .avis in QT6.
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    Point of Clarification Apple bundles the Indeo codecs with the Classic version of QuickTime. Intel did not port these codecs to MacOS X.

    Another Point If you have an MPEG-1 video that QuickTime can't play, you can rest assured that it is not standard. MPEG-2 is not an open format. The MPEG-2 codec is available under a paid license from Sorensen. This is why Apple charges you for it.
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    I encoded all my movies on my PC using the ATI All-in-Wonder card using their own AVI formats. I never would encode to AVI again after that huge mistake. After installing the software and drivers to read the files w/ Virtual PC, I couldn't convert them using the various PC iMovie equivalents to another format because they couldn't read these AVI files. I can only play them with Media Player. I never had problems playing my Mac encoded Quicktime files or any Quicktime file on a PC. Also I can convert them to MPEG, AVI, or Media Player files if I wanted.

    On a side note, I assume Quicktime 7 will be available on PCs and more websites provide that as a standard like Cnet.com. I wonder if PCs will have the ability to use the new features described so far about Quicktime 7 like email movie or voice recording.
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    Again, as was mentioned, AVI is a container, not a codec. You shouldn't just blame AVI for your troubles, as the trouble is actually the codec that was used for the video inside those AVI files. If you can only play them with Media Player, then no doubt the codec that was used for those AVI files was a Microsoft-brand codec.

    DivX is a good example. DivX video files are usually done as an AVI file, but you can also use DivX encoding inside of other containers as well. Same is true with QuickTime MOV files. Go into QT Player, do an "Export," tell it to export to a QuickTime MOV file, go into the options, and then look at all of the different codecs you can use when encoding the movie.

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