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Sep 20, 2011
Hi everyone
I have used the dosdude hack to install Mojave on a mac pro 3.1
The thing is, can i use simultaneously a 5770 to boot from another installed disk with 10.7 on?
Can 5770 and rx 580 work simultaneously in the mac? If yes, where can i get power for the 5770?

Is the total wattage of both cards installed handled ok form the logic board or will i brick it?

If you say that both cards can be installed, which card works in every different OS?


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Nov 11, 2010
Sorry, I can’t answer your questions but a possibly complicating factor is that my Sapphire RX580 is over 2 slots wide (about 2.2 slots) so it might stop you using the adjacent slot. Possibly you’ve already factored this in.
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