Will Someone PLEASE Help Me Jailbreak my iPhone 3GS? Im Having So Much Trouble...

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by VideoNewbie, Apr 2, 2012.

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    ive spent literally about 9 hours trying to jail break my darn iphone 3gs and its not working. someone a kind soul please help me.

    i first download redsnow & get an error saying that my itunes libraries are incomplete and to update itunes to the latest version. ok so i update itunes to the latest version and the error message is still there. i choose to ignore it (nothing else i can do) and just to go directly into jailbreaking the phone.

    i spent about an hour trying to put the 3gs into DFU mode after viewing tons of videos and tutorials online and following redsnow's step by step countdown instructions i tried to time it exactly at the same pace as the redsnow countdown & i just failed everytime.

    finally i decided to just say screw all this and just went the simplified way without trying to get my timing down with redsnows countdown.

    hold power button 3 seconds
    keep holding

    hold home button 10 seconds
    let go of power button

    keep holding home button.

    FINALLY it worked the phone went into dfu mode! BUT YET REDSNOW STILL TOLD ME I FAILED wtf? the phone IS in dfu mode! the screen is black. itunes says its in recovery thats dfu!

    i dont know what to do!
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