Will the "lower end" 13'' rMBP Haswell be Quad core?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by vader1990, Jul 26, 2013.

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    Here are the Haswell Mobile Processors: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haswell_(microarchitecture)#Mobile_processors

    This year when Apple released the MBA's, you can upgrade both the low end and the high end MBA's to the exact same 4650 i7 (for a reasonably cheap price).

    From the list, it seems that if Apple wants to differentiate the MBA and the rMBP 13, then they have to allow the BTO to be the 4750HQ for the 13, otherwise people will be able to get "better" performance on the MBA than the rMBP, and the MBA is cheaper (I know that there is retina, but I don't think retina alone is worth the extra $, especially if it has worse performance than the Air).

    If Apple gives you the same 4650U, then it's the same as the Air with only retina (do you think that's enough?). If they go lower than the 4650U, you either sacrifice CPU performance and/or GPU performance, and with no dedicated GPU in the 13, this could be a big deal. The problem with allowing the 4750HQ is battery life (it will be much lower than the Air). I think Apple has quite a quandary on their hands. I suspect the 13 rMBP and 13 Air will begin to cannibalize on each other unless the line gets drawn clearly (which I don't think the retina display alone can do).

    What do you guys think?

    I'm going back to school and waiting for the 13 rMBP to come out before deciding between that and the new Air...
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    I didn't really mean to ask if there would be a quad core or not, but more so to point out that if they don't put in a quad core, then the 13'' rMBP isn't all that much different than the Air?
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    Pretty sure the 13" hasn't got the cooling capabilities to handle a 4750HQ.

    But the difference between a maxed out air and a rMBP is of course the gorgeous screen unless the Haswell will have a option for 16GB of Ram - doubtful due to ack of room on the logic board but you never know
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    And the 5100 vs the 5000. Significant difference.
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    ouwh ic hehehe.
    if you ask for difference :

    1. you will get better display for retina
    2. processor speed in macbook pro is better than retina
    3. air better than retina for weight, but not much
    4. battrey air is better than retina
    5. for future, i think apple will focus on retina segment :cool:
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    Yes, what I'm saying is that if you max out an Air, and Apple wants to put the 5100 on the rMBP 13, then the CPU will be worse (for the i7), unless they go with the 4750. See the wiki link I posted for all the offerings.

    My whole point is that the processor speed will NOT be better than retina, UNLESS they go with the quad core. If you fully max out a retina, the only processor that is better (and has atleast the HD 5000) is the 4750QM. If they don't go with that one, then the GPU will be worse than the AIR (4600).

    My overall point was that if Apple doesn't go with the Quad Core, then the only benefit is the retina, and that might come with either equivalent, if not worse, i7 CPU/GPU (when compared to an i7 Air). Not sure if that is enough to pay that much extra $.
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    You might want to read that cpu list again more closely. There is a CPU called 4558U which has TDP of 28W and will be the upgrade option. With the 4288 or 4258 being the standard config option.
    These are 28W chips that is double 15W if you discount the base consumption for auxillary stuff. Double TDP to work with gives you a lot more speed than a 4650U.

    You seem to just overlook TDPs and only look at the model numbers. 4600 just means it costs more and is the best AT 15W but still well short of a 28W competitor.
    HD 5000 is pretty much a lot of wasted die space and only slightly faster than HD 4400. It just cannot run at a high enough clock rate at least not for a longer time while the cpu has also something to do. It may look great on very synthetic gpu benches but not with actual workload. The 5100 is called Iris for a reason while the 5000 is not. It is a 40EU that actually runs at clock speeds which should let it perform significantly better.

    UPDATE: Just read your last post. Yes the 28W won't be as fast on the CPU side of things. The GPU is a lot faster though and the battery life should be a lot different as it is the same well integrated BGA SoC the Air got. With the 2010 13" Apple also went for a faster GPU while they could have had a much better CPU. Not really anything new. The 4702HQ seems to allow for great battery life too. Maybe Apple will offer an option. Knowing Apple they probably won't just so they don't cannibalize 15" sales.
    No it won't a HD 5000 is actually worse than a HD 4600 because it just clocks so low and is supported by such a weak cpu side.
    compare here
    On low settings a HD 4600 is almost twice as fast at times (cpu limit) and even on mid still playable setting it is usually ahead. Other than unrealistic specific synthetic benches the HD 5000 will always be slower. It is branding thing and the name should always be considered in relation to the TDP.
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    They keep that for highest premium notebooks, so that currently being the overpriced r-mb 15". The only real powerful notebook is the Quadcore i7 17"MBPs. Heres to hoping they return ASAP. The 13" now is simply an over blown Air. May as well just get the air if you want portability but if you want power, demand the 17"MBP.

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