iPhone Will the new Instalous replacements allow jailbroken apps on stock iOS devices?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by RodChester, Jan 2, 2013.

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    So I have been doing a bit of reading on the new trend of these web sites popping up that allow the installation of pirated apps on non jailbroken devices and was wondering if these sites could be used to install apps like BiteSMS or SBSetting onto non jailbroken devices.

    It seems like it would be possible just as long as the developer makes their app available. This would also pretty much negate any need for a jailbreak as well.

    While the sites that are out there now seem pretty sketchy and only offer up pirated apps, it would be great if Saurik is able to take this same model and find away to make Cydia and all the apps on there available to non jailbroken devices.
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    From what I understand it would not be possible to distribute cydia in the same way because the methods that are being used are highly illegally.

    Please remove the link if this is not allowed...
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    I do not believe so, because the pirated apps are still being ran in a sandboxed state. This new method does not give you root access to the phone which is needed to modify how the OS itself runs, just lets you use unsigned apps that are run based on apple limits of their OS, meaning applications that need root would not be able to be installed permanently.
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    Yes, what carlanga said above.
    What that one app does is adds your devices udid number to their dev accounts testing slot for a fee and then lets you install unsigned cracked ipa's to your device without a JB.
    Then there's this other chinese site that allows you to install cracked ipa's using the internet on the idevice or using your computer and transfer via usb wire but iTunes syncing ceases to work after you install that chinese sites service.
    Both sound like a bad idea and I would advice people to stay away from them.
    Offcourse it would be great if you can use a tool like that to install cydia instead of hacked apps but its not the same thing or as simple as you think.
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    If they are using developer account reselling to get the cracked apps, then it won't last long. After the purge Apple did to people doing that for iOS 6 beta, they will shut down those developer accounts rather quickly.

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