Will the new PhysX card ever be considered for Mac Pro ?


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Aug 15, 2006
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Dear friends,

since some time now the Pee Cee guys have a new addition to their graphic cards, - the seperate PhyscX card. This is like in the old days when a 3D accelerator card was put into a system as an "add on card". Remember the old days od 3Dfx ?
I was wondering if this development will make it into the Mac Pro ??

Whats your opinion about this ?

By the way, here is more to this topic, if you are interested.



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May 7, 2004
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Physics cards are by no means set to flourish in the gaming world, and since only mainstream hardware has any hope of making it to the Mac the likelihood of seeing one in an Apple computer is roughly equivalent to my chances at winning the world heavyweight title. ;)

They are an interesting novelty, but nothing more at present.


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Oct 17, 2004
Considering the PC's have yet to take full advantage of dual cores, let alone quad cores, there is more than enough cpu power at the moment to handle physics.
So if a gaming oriented card isn't successful on PC, it certainly won't be successful on mac.

You won't see it on a mac any time soon. You probably won't see it on pc either much longer.


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May 27, 2007
Well, these PhysX cards aren´t that popular today. This could change with UT3 and the huge e-sports community but for now it is not a must have object. UT3 engine based games like Rainbow Six Vegas or Bioshock doesn´t support the PhysX card. This is especially a problem of multi platform games, which comes for XBOX 360, PS3 and PC, you just can´t upgrade your console with a PhysX card and why should a developer build a port for PhysX only for the PC version - ok, UT3 has it and GRAW2.

Also there is no PCIe card available now afaik, they announced it long time ago but nothing is here.

The other point is, physics engines like Havok 2 (Half Life 2 / Source games) will profit from inbuilt physics extensions in future graphics card combos - but you need at least two cards for that or a dual GPU card, like the upcomming ATi RV670 next year or GeForce GX2 cards.


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Jun 17, 2007
We can't even get a high-end gaming card in a Mac let alone a PhysX card.
As booksacool1 says games aren't ready to take full advantage of dual-core let alone quad-core.
If, and I mean big "if", the next Mac Pro has a 8800GTX or better card in it, I'll have done did thought I've died and gone to heaven.
I am prepared to be disappointed.
Talking about being disappointed...look at the crap cards Apple put in the new iMac.