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    I have been thinking a lot about buying my first apple computer. However, in my research, I have found that the price on the powermac has not changed for over 8 months!!!!! Why doesnt apple change their prices more often or atleast upgrade their "most powerful" computer to a DL superdrive? It seems ridiculus to pay allllll this money for an out of date computer/?????? PLease reply with suggestions/comments.
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    Don't worry a new machine is coming soon, if you're lucky it'll only go up $100.

    If you complain and want the latest and greatest today, build yourself a PC.

    Reality of the situation is that speed bumped CPUs aren't coming rapidly, and with the problems IBM has been having...

    If you want a machine for half the price, I'm quite sure somebody will be perfectly willing to scam you out of your money.

    Or buy a used or refurbished machine.
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    Wait a bit. They are coming. I can smell it. Rather, I need to take a shower. But you get the idea.

    Apple doesn't update their processors every time IBM can get an extra .02 GHz out of it. They update when they want to. And that can mean a little bit of a wait.
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    I think by saying "Out of date computer" is a little too harsh. Its only 8 months from the last revisions so its not that old. Your making it sound like this computer is useless for any of todays tasks.

    If you think this computer is "out of date" than 8 months after you buy the newly revised PM than that will be "out of date" also, so you are going to need a new one. The PM is only going to be a little better than the last one, its not like its switching over to a G6.

    But I am in the same boat as you. I am about to purchase my first mac which will be a PM and I am playing the waiting game also. But the thing is you dont know how long you are going to wait. The PMs are due for an update so I will wait for it to come plus I would like to wait until Tiger is announced so I will get that at a discounted price.

    So buy now or forever hold your peace. (if thats how it goes)

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