Will there be a iPod Touch 6G?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by NoobsUseWindows, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. NoobsUseWindows macrumors newbie

    Oct 27, 2014
    I heard people complaining that they have been waiting a while... Just wanna ask if i should buy the 5G... IS there gonna be a 6G any time soon?
  2. theapplefanboyj macrumors 6502a

    Mar 1, 2014
    Tbh, if you're looking for a cheap alternative to an iPhone without a contract, get the newest moto g. I'd get one. As for an iPod Touch 6G. I don't think there will be. Unless Apple hosts a Music Event, maybe not.
  3. davidg4781 macrumors 68020

    Oct 28, 2006
    Alice, TX
    They may upgrade it next year. We use them at work and the latest one, while it runs iOS 8, is a bit laggy. I can see where Apple would want to keep them going through. Around my circle of friends no one has them but a lot of them buy them for their kids. I guess as an alternative to GameBoys or whatever. There are plenty of businesses that use them since larger companies can build custom apps to run on them. I'm sure Android has the same benefits but it may be easier to do with iOS.
  4. raccoonboy macrumors 6502a

    Oct 22, 2012
    At the moment, slim to none.

    Apple may get rid of all Ipod line soon. Classic is done, Nano is been 2 yrs since last update so as Ipod touch, shuffle is as good as gone. Pricing is the problem, they may try to replace ipod touch with mini and make starting price a bit lower so it wont interfere with Ipad air sales.
  5. DFZD macrumors 6502

    Apr 6, 2012
    Why are people listing Moto G as an iPod Touch alternative?
    One is a cheap ass Droid, and other a high end PMP/PDA.
  6. AlexxRyzhkov macrumors regular

    May 17, 2014
    Well considering the Moto G is much newer and faster than the iPod Touch, it's not a bad idea
  7. Plutonius macrumors 604


    Feb 22, 2003
    New Hampshire, USA
    The Touch 5 is an excellent device and I recommend it. The Apple refurb store has the cheapest prices.

    Don't wait on the Touch 6. There is a good chance the Touch 5 is the last model they are making.
  8. loon3y macrumors 65816


    Oct 21, 2011
    iPod 5th Gens will be here to stay.

    they might just limit them to iOS 8 like they did with the 3GS and 4th Gen

    Big companies might be able to afford off contract iPhones like lowes, target, walmart. But even they would want to cut unnecessary expenses.

    You don't need an iPhone if its going to be using iPods in an indoors environment.

    Mid-Small sized business won't want to buy as much because the cost will be too high, which would include the iOS device, Barcode/Credit Card Sleeve, and software license.

    Not to mention 2nd world country companies like in China won't want to spend money on New iPhones when they dont need it. Im not talking about the Few HUGE companies, I'm talking about the companies that do about 100-200 million , some what average company there. Like the Mid-small businesses in the US, they might do either one of two things, buy used iOS devices or find a different solution.

    Something i know Apple doesn't want to happen, because they're going headstrong with their B2B store and enterprise Apps to make iOS the standard mobile OS for ANY work industry.

    I can see non-western foreign companies head towards Androids or even Windows for cheaper solutions.
  9. burgundyyears macrumors 6502

    Sep 3, 2010
    Eh, I have one of each. To call the Moto G "faster" might be true in a tech specification sheet point of view, but I use some of the same apps on each device and the Moto G is just a whole lot slower (even with all the carrier junkware frozen/disabled) than the ipod touch 5g, even the ipod touch 5g on iOS 8.x. MyFitnessPal and the amazon prime music app on each are probably the biggest examples I use on a regular basis that are both just way, way slower on what should be a superior spec'ed android device. The Moto G is cheaper though (no 32 or 64GB storage options though), so it has that.
  10. Ffosse, Oct 27, 2014
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    Ffosse macrumors 68000

    Nov 5, 2012
    I would say that they're both pretty crappy - pay a bit more and get something decent. Xperia Z3 Compact, iPhone 5 and Moto G, all unlocked and carrier-free. iOS8.1 has slowed down the iPhone 5 to the point where it's not much better than the Moto G. I wouldn't like to see what an iPod Touch would be like. The Sony trounces them both, no problems running any apps. (Which isn't surprising, as it's a new flagship.)

    I'm only keeping the iPhone as it's got a decent camera - I don't even have any music on there - otherwise it's a beater device. The Moto G is an ereader and portable wi-fi hotspot.

  11. loon3y macrumors 65816


    Oct 21, 2011

    i wouldn't say its that much slower, I'm using iOS 8.1 on my 4S for my international phone. Its not bad.

    the transition from iOS6 to 7 was worse. There isn't much lag difference from iOS7 to 8
  12. Ffosse macrumors 68000

    Nov 5, 2012
    Well, I get the safari reloading all the time on the 5, plus the phone is definitely slower than when it was running iOS6 or 7. Not unusable, but slow enough that I don't want to use it much.
  13. 617aircav Suspended

    Jul 2, 2012

  14. NICKXXXXXX macrumors regular

    Oct 9, 2014
    I just bought iPod Touch 5 for gym use and to easily use the handoff function etc to write down my progress and have it updated at home. You are making me very scared though saying it's slow and everything with iOS 8 :( I hope they don't release an iPod touch next year at least
  15. AlexxRyzhkov macrumors regular

    May 17, 2014
    Personally, I would get a used iPhone 5. My iPhone 5 is much faster than the iPod Touch 5 my friend has, and you can buy them for under $250 on eBay.

    I own an iPhone 6, but I actually prefer my iPhone 5 to it. I bought the iPhone 5 about a year ago, for $175 and it had a cracked screen. Spent $100, and got the phone unlocked, screen replaced, and even got the metal housing replaced. Now it's blue and black with a black screen. And it's still really fast on iOS 8
  16. MacDarcy macrumors 65816

    Jul 21, 2011
    The iPod touch is not dead. If Apple rebrands the iPod touch as an ipad nano, it will live on. Seriously. Just announce a 4.7" or 5.5" iPod touch...er I mean ipad nano, and sales will pick up.

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