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Oct 10, 2011
I think I'm going to skip the iPhone Plus and upgrade from the Note3 to the Note4. I want to be able to use some of the features in iOS, so I'm thinking of getting a new Mini or Air when the new ones are released.

Anyone know if:

1. there is anyway to take phone calls on an iPad or Mac if you do not have an iPhone, but an Android instead (I mean via the built in iOS feature not Google Voice)?

2. does the feature that allows you to start typing on an iPhone and finish on an iPad or Mac also work if you start on the iPad and work with a Mac if you do not have an iPhone?

3. Can someone with an iPhone send me a message through iMessages that will go to my iPad/Mac if I do not have an iPhone?



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Dec 8, 2011
East Central Florida
#1 I believe this is possible using a google voice number with hangouts, it can be a little tricky to set up for each persons particular use case. Oh via built in ios feature.. no way, Apple locks all of its proprietary stuff down. I believe the only caveat there is android can do airplay.

Yes, facetime audio will work as said below.

#2 that mostly applies to emails for me, which you can use 'drafts' for. Aside from that, I believe no

#3 yes, I can receive imessages on my ipad, and I have an android phone. It is not done by a phone number though, by appleid email instead.
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Feb 24, 2013
Basically no for all of them unless you download apps just to do everything which is annoying IMO.


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Oct 9, 2007
1. FaceTime audio calls to your Apple ID. Not phone calls per se.

2. Yes. Also from Mac to Mac and iPad to iPad. It's an all device kind of thing.

3. Yes, through your Apple ID. But not a message that will go both to your Android phone as a text message *and* to your iPad/Mac if that's what you mean.


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Feb 24, 2013
need to say anything, when just giving false info?... for a purpose?

Not false at all. Plain and simple, continuity only works between iOS and Yosemite. The only one feasible natively is the third one but then he would getting texts through an email on iMessage which is just flat out annoying. Who want's to give someone their email to message them rather than their phone number? LOL


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Jul 16, 2014
eh, and you see some difference sending iMessages using email or number? you could also ask who wants to share their phone number instead of email address... i really want to give my number only for few people - im always using email address(es) on im-apps. and many dont have iphone, they might still have only ipad or mbp etc. i havent had iphone ever and wont get it either, but i do have (had) ipad/mbpr.
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