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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by comda, Feb 24, 2015.

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    Greetings Macrumors!

    As many of you know, i recently picked up a 1ghz Dp G4 that i believe has a failed motherboard. As i know the PSU works as ive tested it using another G4 PSU.

    What my question is and it is a long shot. I have an old Beige G3 desktop.. For some reason i love this G3. Yes its beige, its ugly the plastic is weakening but it flies in OS9 and even 10.2.

    But here is my question. I have no other Powermac to test the 1ghz DP G4 so is it possible to throw that into the G3 temporarily as i know that massive heat sink wont allow me to close the optical drive level.

    Ive seen people put 500Mhz and 800Mhz into these machines and boot leopard, but will the 1Ghz DP work? I wanted to use the AGP card that was in the quicksilver in this machine but sadly no AGP here.

    I sadly wont have time until after exams to do this but im curuious would it work and how to do it?
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    Your beige G3 uses a ZIF-socketed processor not unlike what's used on current Intel and AMD processors. The B&W G3 and Yikes! G4 share this socket(and processors can be pretty much freely interchanged between the three with some exceptions not worth going into), but they are the only PowerMac models which use this socket.

    Your Quicksilver-and all other AGP-based Powermac G4s-uses a proprietary socket. I think it's 300 pins, and is about the size of two postage stamps. The CPU daughtercard snaps down onto this socket, and then at least on the Sawtooth through Quicksilver models is held in place by screws that go through the daughtercard to standoffs on the logic board.

    Quicksilver processor cards will work in the Sawtooth, Gigabit Ethernet, and Digital Audio model G4s provided that you run +12V to the 4th screw hole on the processor card. If you're going to use the dual 1ghz in one of these, it would also be a good idea to transfer the CPU fan from the Quicksilver, as the dual 1ghz runs fairly hot in my experience. Also be aware that in the Sawtooth and Gigabit Ethernet, the dual 1ghz card will run at 750mhz.

    Note that processor cards are not interchangeable between various MDD models and other G4 towers.
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    Thanks for clearing that up Bunns. I know my way around a Apple machine but dont know specifics in these as im more familiar with the machines ive had longer. Like the G3 imacs. ;) Anyways. i wasnt looking to pimp out my Beige G3. Just want to test that CPU so i can see if its the mainboard that failed in my QS or the CPU. I know now that the Video card works as ive used a friends G4. Im posting this even though away from all my machines and wont do this till later but once i get an idea i cant think about anything else before its dealt with lol. Guess ill wait till summer and borrow that 933Mhz QS of my friends. i can then drop my 1ghz DP into his and pray it works right? just hope i dont screw his up.

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