will this DVDR drive work?


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May 3, 2004
Hamilton, Ontario (CANADA)
Most people around here would say to take firewire over the USB as it is faster and more reliable.

Although it might very well work, OS X is not in the supported operating systems section and it is likely to use a cheap chipset so you never really know unless you can find somebody using that exact burner.


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Feb 3, 2004
k folks thanks for the replies.

its an NEC burner inside. as far as the USB2.0 vs. firewire... it comes down to a matter of cost. after rebate that thing is $45 so i thought it was a good deal. i'd only use Toast. just need something to make redundant backups of about 200GB worth of audio masters and project files.
but also would like my girlfriend to use it on her PC which does not have firewire.

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