will this halt the Verizon rumors?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by AMDENCO, Sep 23, 2010.

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    Speaking to investors on Thursday, Seidenberg implied that there would be no iPhone on Verizon's network at any point in the near future, and practically ruled out the possibility of Apple making a CDMA version of the iPhone at all.
    The Associated Press reported, "Seidenberg said nothing about an iPhone for the company's current network, but said he hopes Apple Inc. will come around and allow Verizon to sell the phone for a new network it's building."

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    How the San Francisco Giants CIO sees his IT priorities, and a deeper dive into how they've employed Voice Over IP to save money and drive innovation.The new network is of course Long Term Evolution 4G, which Verizon is expected to launch in up to 30 markets later this year. Verizon Wireless has indicated that the first types of devices that will be able to access its LTE network will be laptop dongles and other similar hardware. Smartphones won't be available with LTE on board until well into 2011.

    That means even if Apple does produce an LTE version of the iPhone, it won't be ready in the near future.

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    Meanwhile, Susquehanna Financial analyst Jeff Fidicaro says that Apple has placed all its ducks in a row to commence manufacture of a CDMA iPhone.

    He believes production will begin in December, with Apple completing about 3 million CDMA iPhones before the end of 2010, with a total production run targeted at between 20 and 21 million units. The AT&T version of the iPhone uses GSM radio technology, which doesn't work with Verizon and Sprint's networks.

    Fidicaro's predictions don't appear to gel with statements being made by Verizon, so which is it?

    Right now, AT&T still has the exclusive rights to sell the iPhone in the U.S. Neither company has said exactly when that exclusivity will lapse, but many suspect it will be January 2011. Until they make a formal announcement, anything is possible.

    here is to hoping!
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    Didn't Mr. Seidenberg sign an NDA not to disclose any plans on the Verizon iPhone? I think he did, and iPhone is coming to Verizon in Q1 2011.
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    May 29, 2010

    Circle talk is all we're getting, and many people are getting tired of it.
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    Jan 6, 2010
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    Anyone who wants the iPhone already has one. It's not some coveted piece of hardware anymore, it's cheap and easy to obtain. Those who wanted to leave Verizon already did. Verizon weathered that storm pretty well, with record profits, lots of growth (never a negative quarter), and a low churn. Verizon knows this and overall they're probably pretty apathetic towards the iPhone on their network. Sure they'd take it but they aren't going to jump through lots of hoops to get it.

    With that being said it boils down to Apple. If they're happy with their pool of customers they have and the fact most of them will buy a new phone annually then let them run with it. Going to Verizon would double the amount of people who are capable of buying the phone. Maybe Apple does not want to be that big and lose sight of the details.

    An iPhone on Verizon is far more beneficial to Apple than to Verizon. It would put a huge dent in Android's growth rates because while many Verizon customers might prefer an iPhone over an Android phone they are not willing to leave Verizon to get one and will settle.

    Edit: Sprint is a company who would jump through hoops for the iPhone. They'd do Job's bidding just as AT&T has all these years. Don't forget about Sprint.
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    Wow it have been like 14 hours without a Verizon's iPhone Rumors thread, I think that is the longest I've seen it go, so this time I am sure it is true.

    You know, This rumors have been around since mid 2007, If you give something enough time any rumor can become true. If I said, "man will land on Mars soon", I am sure if we all wait long enough that will be "true"

    Verizon is a large Telecom Company, they are out for the money, the iPhone is a high profile phone, I am sure they got a whole team dedicated to have "talks" with Apples every day. I am sure that it will come some time (my guess is for the iPhone 6 which also my guess it will be the first LTE iPhone). But Apple is out for the money too and the true is that Verizon customer based is so small if you consider the global market (which is what Apple is after) in top of that, they are moving away from that Old technology they are currently using (CDMA) and getting into the new "global standard", and the timing couldn't be any better by 2012 LTE market on the US will be pretty much up and running as well as in other countries, so perfect time to introduce the LTE phone.

    Anyways, I said this so many times, and other have said it to, i am sure someone will come and bash and flame me for it, but the reality is that is almost Q4-2010 and no CDMA iPhone after almost 3 years of the same rumor over and over :(
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    Unfortunately, nothing will stop the Verizon iPhone rumors short f Verizon and Apple announcing it's arrival on Verizon.
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    cool story bro
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    Jun 18, 2010
    I hope it is true just so I don't have to hear this 3-year old rumor anymore. Owning an iPhone on Verizon is not a big deal. The ones coming originally from Verizon already owned an iPhone before or currently made the switch to AT&T. And the ones who haven't, there is always the iPod touch or iPad. The luster of owning an iPhone is long gone now. It is not Earth shattering as it used to be and just way too common. There are different ways now experiencing iOS without needing to get an iPhone. Verizon really doesn't need iPhone like it used to. Right now, they have three very nice phones in the HTC Incredible, Droid X, and Samsung Fascinate. That is THREE top end phones from three different manufacturers. Android is keeping them afloat.
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    10 years ago I worked at a metal fabrication plant. The big boss came over from the main office down the street to hold a meeting with the 20 or so of us working there. There was scuttlebutt and rumors flying that we were closing down within 6 months. The big man told us personally that, contrary to the aforementioned scuttlebutt, there was ABSOLUTELY NO WAY IN HELL that we were closing. Why, he had just bought a brand new house for Chrissakes! So fellas, he said, do not believe those nasty rumors. Move along, nothing to see here. 3 months later the big boss moved to Oklahoma (the home office location) and we were laid-off lock, stock, and barrel. So much for that.

    Not sayin' that we are getting a Verizon iphone... Just sayin' that whenever someone goes out of their way to deny something, you can pretty much set your watch by the fact that whatever they are denying will most certainly become a reality. At least by my watch...:cool:
    Also, before the naysayers say nay, let me just say before you do...cool story bro!
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    I don't think anything will stop the Verizon rumours, ever :D
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    Not me, that is for sure! :D
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    Can you imagine the black market for CDMA iPhones in the US (assuming the CDMA is the same)? If the phones worked, I'm sure Verizon wouldn't deny people from signing up with them (like the T-Mobile iPhone users in the US).
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    Seidenburg seems to be pushing apple to jump on the LTE bandwagon.


    Outgoing Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) chairman & CEO Ivan Seidenberg says that he hopes that Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) will "get with the program" and introduce Long Term Evolution (LTE) devices on the operator's new proto-4G network.

    Talking at a Goldman Sachs & Co. conference on Thursday morning, Seidenberg said he felt that momentum to bring LTE devices to market faster was growing. Verizon is rumored to be launching commercial services on LTE in 30 markets in the US this December. (See Verizon Readies '4G' for December.)

    "I’m hoping that the success we’ve had with Droid will encourage Apple, Motorola Inc. (NYSE: MOT), Samsung Corp. , even Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. to make devices for 4G," Seidenberg told the investor audience. The CEO said he expects Verizon to have 4G device capability in the first quarter of 2011.

    "We’ve already said we’ll have a tablet," he noted. Indeed, Seidenberg declared that he believes that the tablet market will "explode" on LTE.

    Seidenberg didn't add any color on the exact launch date for LTE service but did reveal that Verizon is now tuning and testing the network: "We've actually had the 4G network in the 30 or so markets up and running since June."

    Seidenberg also revealed that LTE will go live in "50 airports" as LTE rolls out. "Some of those won't be in the same markets as the 30 markets."

    Meanwhile, while Seidenberg noted that Verizon will introduce tiered prices and bundles for LTE, he doesn't think that Verizon will slavishly follow other operators' capping concepts. "The data experience we’re going to offer is going to be better, so the tiers and bundles might be different," Seidenberg said. (See Vodafone CEO Talks Up Data Caps .)
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    Steve Jobs: "WWDC11 - Big Ma in the Red"

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