Will this iPhone 5 work on AT&T

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by izzisdashiz, Feb 16, 2014.

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    Hi guys,

    Long story short, I need to get a replacement for my current iPhone 5. Looking to buy one on ebay, but seller isn't sure if the phone that Apple replaced for him will work on AT&T or not. Here is what he says:

    Up for sale is a brand new white iPhone 5 32gb that works on straight talk, I think the original carrier was AT&T but do not know for sure. I do not know if it is unlocked but have completed a call using a straight talk sim card. Phone is brand new with plastic covering front and back screens still, never been activated on a line, this means there are no iCloud locks or anything on the device, It is brand new from apple store due to a damaged phone i had them replace. This phone is the brand new phone they gave me. serial dqgm33b5fh1f imdi 013442006095516 Phone has apple care until July 1st 2014 according to apples website. Phone is sold with empty box and nothing else. Please see the pictures for any other information, Everything in the pictures is what you will be getting, nothing else. Delivery confirmation and insurance are required and included into the shipping cost. Any questions feel free to ask thanks Joe and happy bidding.

    Are straight talk phones just AT&T versions? I need a phone the supports AT&T. Thanks in advance.


    I think based on this, it would work with AT&T. Can anybody verify please?

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    There are straight talk SIMs for T-Mobile phones as well.
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    Now, I'm worried it won't work bc of what somebody posted in another thread:

    Originally Posted by Samunlocks.net View Post
    Correction for you and those using Straight Talk:

    In order to get LTE on Straight Talk / Net10, one must have a AT&T/T-Mobile/GSM Unlocked iPhone 5/5C/5S [iPhone 5 Model A1428 | iPhone 5C Model A1532 / A1456| iPhone 5S Model A1533 / A1457] as only these models will support LTE.

    Note* Verizon iPhone 5C/5S Support Full AT&T/T-Mobile LTE bands, however Verizon iPhone 5 DOES NOT.

    Those getting the iPhone 5 from Straight Talk / Net10 or Walmart --- You are getting the Verizon iPhone 5 A1429 model which does not support Band 4/17 LTE [Used by AT&T/T-Mobile] therefore you will only get 3G and that too on VERIZON Network, NOT ON AT&T / T-Mobie. However you can continue paying walmart your $25/month phone fee, and cancel your 3G service, buy a AT&T Compatible SIM from Straight Talk / Net10 BYOP program and pop it in to get AT&THSPA+ on 850MHz & 1900MHz on T-Mobile = 3G/4G service which is faster than Verizons CDMA 3G.

    hope that helps


    He's got a pic up showing the setting screen and the model number is listed as Model NE489LLA. Waiting to hear back from him, but I doubt that he will be of much help.
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    I just did a search on the serial number you posted, and it brought me to an eBay auction. The phone is already sold. Did you get your answer from the seller? Did you buy the phone?

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