Will this work for installing new SSD and getting Fusion

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Squeak825, Nov 17, 2012.

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    I am buying a new Mac Mini this week, and going to put in a Samsung 840 with the goal of wanting fusion.

    I am upgrading from my existing iMac -- but will not be restoring from it, but instead starting fresh.

    Will the following sequence of events work in order to get the drive up and running?

    1) Install the SSD drive into the machine (using OWD Disk Doubler, etc).
    2) Boot the Mac mini off my USB 2.0 drive that has a clone of my current iMac.
    3) Use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the Recovery Partition from the internal Hard Disk on the mini to the SSD
    4) Boot from the recovery partition on the SSD.
    5) Create the Fusion drive
    6) Download and install ML (special Mac Mini version) from the internet.

    Any issues with this route?

    Also....any input on comparing the internal speaker of the Mac Mini, to the ones I have in my 24" 2007 iMac? I don't need anything fancy, just enough to hear dialogue, etc from videos. Are the two comparable?
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    I don't quite understand the need for 2 and 3. Just boot from your existing drive in your mini and either setup fusion from there, or use Recover Disk Assistant to make a USB disk or even use CCC to clone it's partition to the new SSD drive (which still seems odd to me if you can do the first 2).

    If you have a fast network work you could even skip that and do Internet Recovery on the new mac mini.

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