Will using an iPhone in development mode erase its settings?

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by chrono1081, Apr 28, 2009.

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    I was trying to find this answer online but unfortunately apples developer site doesn't play nice with my proxy : / Google wasn't much help either.

    My parents are mailing me the iPhone SDK. I do not have an iPhone but I have a friend where I work who does and said I could use it to test my apps on. Now, heres my main question.

    From what Ive read when I plug the iPhone into my mac it will ask if I want to use the iPhone in developer mode. If I click yes will it erase his settings? This is super important for me to know cause we both work overseas (from the states) and he would have no access to his iTunes to resync his iPhone.

    I dont want to plug in his phone and say "oops! sorry it erased everything. Youll have to wait till R and R to get your contacts all back".

    I'm sure this answer is in the documentation but without the SDK yet I don't have the documentation. I can't download it either (very long story why). Any insight would be greatly appreciated :)
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    On the project that I am working on now, there are two other iPhones that I was bumping complied projects to from my Mac. One of these guys has a PC, and one has a Mac. For both phones, I saw the same alert you are talking about. After the phone popped up in Xcode, I didn't hear either of these guys talk about anything weird happening, except one who noticed that my email address was coming up in place of his profile in iTunes (on the phone). Weird.

    I wouldn't worry about erasing any content on the phones.
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    Syncing with a different computer doesn't erase your data, but replacing the firmware does. So if you try to install the 3.0 beta firmware, or you update from 1.0 firmware to 2.0, they will lose their data. (That was my experience upgrading from 1.0 to pre-release 2.0.)

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