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Jun 23, 2010
I actually got an iCarbon made for the iPad 2 I hope that it fits but whatever ill take the risk and a smart cover


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Sep 19, 2007
I preordered an Incipio Lexington on Amazon. It's sold out though, so it looks like it won't be here by tomorrow. Was hoping it would come back in stock in time.


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Nov 17, 2008
Yup!! I just got the dark grey smart cover today. Just in case, it runs out all of them tomorrow. I don't see any third party cases on the shelves anymore. I also still have the iPad 1 porch that should fit the new one. Then i will have double protection.


macrumors newbie
Feb 24, 2012
black walnut Luardi case and smart cover

Yes, I already bought one made for the 2.
It is a Luardi case made of rosewood, case and magnetic cover both. I'm not sure if I first found it there, but it is on Amazon and on sale since it is for the 2.

Since I've been eagerly awaiting the new release, I ended up Googling cases and rumours constantly. I found the wooden Miniot products which looked very neat although costly. With the poor reviews I was hesitant to even get their smart cover from someone off eBay, but I might have if I hadn't come across the Luardi stuff.
The bamboo cases I found more easily didn't appeal, and I was considering a leather skin sort of thing with a smart cover.
I was concerned about the fit with all the cases I found, but it will be a while before much is out for the new iPad.

Then I found the Luardi cases in ebony and other high end woods. Annoyingly I couldn't find any reviews, and there was so little information on the items at all. I wasn't even sure that at the Really High price asked if it was just the case or just the cover, because each Amazon listing had only a front or back photo. Gah. Then I found a link showing that it included both. Finally I decided to try one just to see and return it if it sucked or didn't fit.

The rosewood one arrived a few days ago, and I do like it, but I ordered a black walnut yesterday. The darned thing doesn't arrive until Monday either, but I think I'll prefer the finish/colour? They state that the black walnut is carved from one solid piece, and I figure that I can strip and refinish to remake it if I ever want to stain it differently or scratch it badly.
The rosewood looks almost fake to me, but I am picky and despise the odd finish found on new furniture and cabinetry... which is the finish it has. I wasn't entirely sure it was solid wood vs pressed stuff, but looking at the wrong side of some pieces showed that it was actually nicely grained wood.

It is really neat looking if you like something different. I just dyed a leather smart cover to a custom colour tonight, but I'd like the option for more protection. A wooden case with the functionality of a smart cover sort of design should be a bit unique. :) Just hoping it really does fit, but if not I might try to sand it down or something.

Since there was pretty much no info out there for the thing I'd like to make a video review soon, maybe.


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Jun 23, 2009
I ordered a black Lexington from incipio. God knows when it will ship.
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