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    Now I want to install windows 7 in my 2010 MBP. Boot camp always tell me to backup format and restore which is an option I don't want to do! Now can I partition my own win 7 partition from disk utilities and install? Would boot camp drivers still work?


    sorry if this has been aske many times

    i found this post:

    but its very confusing
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    You can partition your hard drive using Disk Utility and then install Windows onto the new partition. Just remember to name the partition into something that you'll recognise easily during the Windows install, such as BOOTCAMP, and format it as MS-DOS.
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    But if BCA can't make contiguous space, Disk Utility won't be able to either. (They both call the same underlying helper utilities).

    You need to boot from your OS X install disc and run Disk Utility from that for it to be any different than the results from Boot Camp Assistant.

    The other difference to keep in mind when installing without BCA, is that the Startup Disk won't be set to Windows so you will have to hold Alt/Option to select the appropriate boot drive every time it wants to reboot until you get it installed.

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    Boot camp just worked for me last night!

    All i did was just moved huge files that i have to my external HD and tried running BCA. It failed. So i rebooted and ran it again. Guess what? It worked!

    Thanks anyways guys!

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