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    Here's the thing. I have about 15 different copies of windows installed in virtual machines for all different purposes. Recently I had to switch to Windows7 for some testing. What I typically do is setup a Generic Postscript Printer that prints to a file; then take that post script file and open it on the Mac to create a PDF.

    BUT with Windows7, MS changed the dialog box of the print to file; where you can no longer enter a path. Typically I used to enter c:\, then I always knew where it was. With windows 7, you cannot enter a path, just But often the applications I use move around where they are executing from and the gets saved in that directory.

    Anyone know of a way to install a better "File Port" to print to? I know I had one at one time under windows XP that let me browse to a directory, that was great, but I don't know how to get that back. :(

    Anyone have this problem? Anyone know any solution?


    FYI, I can print to c:\users\admin\

    Sometimes I really hate MS, this is just stupid; give me a browse dialog box and let me save it any where I damn well please!
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