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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by jejagua, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. jejagua macrumors member

    Oct 3, 2008
    I'm currently on Win7 RC. I have a Win7 release 64-bit license but I've been waiting for official Win7 support from Apple before going to the trouble to reinstall. I use Bootcamp and VMWare 3. Is there any compelling reason to install now rather than waiting for official support? (Performance / compatibility / new features in the release vs RC)?
  2. Sweetfeld28 macrumors 65816


    Feb 10, 2003
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    I would think that the only reason to continue to wait would be that Apple by that time would fully support it being installed. However, if you jump now, even though people already have it fully up and running; you might still run into issues.

    I would guess that they would mostly be driver issues?
  3. velocityg4 macrumors 601


    Dec 19, 2004
    I have Win 7 x64 Home running without any problems on my 2006 Macbook. Apple doesn't even support any x64 Windows on this model but a workaround got the bootcamp drivers to install fine from the Snow Leopard disc.

    Most major components get drivers by default from Win 7 or are available from the manufacturers. Its really the trackpad, isight, and keyboard that Apple needs to or does make the drivers for. The bluetooth, airport, video, chipset, USB, Firewire and CPU can just use the latest drivers from their makers (ATI, Intel, nVidia, Atheros, Broadcom &c) or the generic MS drivers (USB, Firewire). The audio is likely realtek since it seems that is what everyone uses.

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