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    Feb 16, 2010

    Luckily I get a free copy of most windows products thanks to my uni. I only need to run visual studio so bootcamp seems like overkill. I downloaded win 7 pro (x64) and have tried to install on vmware and parallels without success.

    I have been opening the disk image in the vm rather than burning it to disk.

    When setup begins it asks for cd/dvd drivers and I can go no further(see image) I have searched the internet with little or no luck so far with getting the drivers. And on some occasions it just doesn't like my key.

    21' IMac Late 2009 3.06 snow leopard.

    I'm not even sure what brand the GA11N cd/dvd drive is.


    ETA I'm going to try burning it in toast but I don't hold out much hope

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