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  1. mietone macrumors newbie

    Jun 28, 2010
    I cloned Win7 that I installed on VMware's Virtual Machine with WinClone and in the process of restoring that image to my bootcamp partition, I got an error 102. What do I need to do to successfully restore? What does the error mean so I can lookup to solve this?

    Basically I was following these steps here:

    Following is part of the log from WinClone:

    100.00 percent completed
    Syncing ...
    return value of "/Library/NTFSProgs/ntfsclone" --rescue -f -f -f -O "/dev/disk0s3" /dev/disk7 1>&2 is 0

    =====unmounting disk image==============

    /usr/bin/hdiutil detach /dev/disk7
    return value of /usr/bin/hdiutil detach /dev/disk7 is 0

    "disk7" unmounted.
    "disk7" ejected.
    Volume (null) on /dev/disk0s3 mounted
    destination_path is /Volumes/Untitled 1
    Unmounting /dev/disk0s3
    /usr/sbin/diskutil unmount "/dev/disk0s3"return value of unmount is 0


    "/Library/NTFSProgs/ntfsresize" -f -f "/dev/disk0s3"
    return value of "/Library/NTFSProgs/ntfsresize" -f -f "/dev/disk0s3" is 256

    ntfsresize v2.0.0 (libntfs 10:0:0)
    ERROR(102): Opening '/dev/disk0s3' as NTFS failed: Operation not supported on socket
    The NTFS journal file is unclean. Please shutdown Windows properly before
    using this software! Note, if you have run chkdsk previously then boot
    Windows again which will automatically initialize the journal correctly.
    "/Library/NTFSProgs/ntfsresize" -f -f "/dev/disk0s3" did not complete successfully
    cleaning up: Mounting Disk
    Volume (null) on /dev/disk0s3 mounted
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    Do you still have the VM? If so, launch it, then shut it down not suspend or sleep and try making another image.

  3. mietone thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 28, 2010

    That worked! Thank you so much, balamw!

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