Winclone issues, here is a new one


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Dec 1, 2011
Alright so like everyone else with this issue, I ran out of room and I needed to make more. After about three hours I decided the easiest was the winclone route, im sure you all know what im talking about. Anyways, after some trial and error I have made clone of my win and went to make the partition bigger, after all the appropriate steps. Now here is the issue though. It gets to 100%, it even says it then this comes up:
100.00 percent completed
Accounting clusters ...
Space in use       : 33635 MB (66.3%)
Collecting resizing constraints ...
Schedule chkdsk for NTFS consistency check at Windows boot time ...
Resetting $LogFile ... (this might take a while)
Updating $BadClust file ...
Updating $Bitmap file ...
Updating Boot record ...
Syncing device ...
Successfully resized NTFS on device '/dev/disk0s3'.
Unmounting /dev/disk0s3
/usr/sbin/diskutil unmount "/dev/disk0s3"return value of unmount is 256

output is disk0s3 was already not mounted

=====Syncing GPT with MBR Partition Table, setting partition to bootable, and restoring boot sector==============

"/Applications/" -f -w -m "/Volumes/FreeAgent GoFlex Drive/Test.winclone/boot.mbr" -a 3 -u -i 0x07
return value of "/Applications/" -f -w -m "/Volumes/FreeAgent GoFlex Drive/Test.winclone/boot.mbr" -a 3 -u -i 0x07

Utility to write out BIOS partition table from information gathered from GPT.  Also can write out Master Boot Record and active partition

usage: gptrefresh [-vwfu] [-m mbr_path] [-a flag_partition] [-i partition_number,filesystem_id] disk
	-v: verbose output
	-w: write out BIOS partition table (does not write out Master Boot Record.  Use -m to specify Master Boot Record)
	-f: force writing without any warning messages
	-m: write out master boot record at mbr_path with partition table.  Does nothing if -w is not specified
	-a: flag flag_partition as active partition (flag_partition must be 1, 2, 3, or 4)
	-i: set partition_number specified with -a to filesystem_id (System identifier in MBR partition
Please help me, im a sad panda....


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Jun 29, 2010
So Cal, USA
Winclone DOES NOT work!

Don't even waste your time with it. You will spend less time doing a clean install than you will trying to get Winclone to work!
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