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    Jan 11, 2011
    Will try to be short. I done the clone of XP bootcamp 3 times so far with each HD upgrade, but this time encounter the following. to start the bootcamp assist no longer give option to create bootcamp partition or install XP, win 7 only, so I managed to created by trick it with my original win7 I own and stop installation. Now bootcamp is created. but win clone keep giving me the following error. on restore :" win clone could not set the helper tool to the correct permissions". and is over.
    Something to do with OS Lion? was good and done it like I said 3 times, when I updated to Lion the partition was already created by the previous OS. maybe soothing to do with Lion? FYI I had to update the clone app to 3.x because my previous version was not even started under Lion.
    I installed XP (I need it for special use) under Parallel but I am not sure at this time is will work as expected, I always liked the "Native" boot ONLY on XP with "Option" key. now will be under Virtual mode and I am not sure if will create problems.
    Any ideas?
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    Do you have admin rights on your Mac?

    Can you post the error exactly, e.g. screenshot?

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    Jan 11, 2011
    Admin Rights

    As far I Know I am the administrator, I will attempt to include screen captures of your question.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Dec 6, 2010
    updating to the latest WinClone 3.1(2947) version fixed it for me.
    good luck

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