Winclone WIN7 restore error - HELP!

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    Apr 30, 2011
    Hi guys, did a search but no luck related to restoring a win7 image.:(

    Basically, I thought my HDD had died a week ago - many HDD's later found out it was the flex cable connecting the logic board to the drive. New one bought and installed and everything is okay.

    I have bought a new WD 750gb scorpio black drive and restored my OSX using time machine, then used bootcamp assistant to make a new bootcamp partition.

    I then went to restore my win7 winclone image but keep receiving the erros message. I have formatted it to FAT 32, and NTFS - with no luck on either. I have seen some XP specific forum posts with some really helpful log viewings, dissections and eventual resolutions, but these seem to be slightly different from mine. Here is the log output if anybody can help:

    Wed May 4 18:20:07 BST 2011: Partition is : /dev/disk0s3
    Wed May 4 18:20:07 BST 2011
    Wed May 4 18:20:07 BST 2011: Restoring:
    Wed May 4 18:20:07 BST 2011: '/Applications/' -restore -copy_bcd '/Applications/' -disk_device /dev/disk0 -ntfs_partition /dev/disk0s3 -v -update_bootini -q -image_dir='/Volumes/Amy/LTAudio Macbook Pro Bootcamp 27.04.11.winclone' -gptrefresh_path='/Applications/' -ntfstools_dir=/Library/NTFSProgs >> ~/Library/Logs/Winclone.log 2>&1 &
    getting fdisk info.....
    validating partition type.....
    checking image size.....
    image size file exists, opening.....
    reading image file.../Volumes/Amy/LTAudio Macbook Pro Bootcamp 27.04.11.winclone/size..
    read image file.../Volumes/Amy/LTAudio Macbook Pro Bootcamp 27.04.11.winclone/size..
    done calculating..
    done checking size..
    Unmounting /dev/disk0s3
    /usr/sbin/diskutil unmount "/dev/disk0s3"return value of unmount is 0

    ==============mounting sparse image==============
    /usr/bin/hdiutil attach -nomount "/Volumes/Amy/LTAudio Macbook Pro Bootcamp 27.04.11.winclone/Windows.sparsebundle"
    diskimages-helper(1696,0x100781000) malloc: *** error for object 0x100608560: pointer being freed was not allocated
    *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug
    hdiutil: attach failed - No child processes

    disk device is
    =====restoring image from disk image=============

    "/Library/NTFSProgs/ntfsclone" --rescue -f -f -O "/dev/disk0s3" 1>&2
    ntfsclone v2.0.0 (libntfs 10:0:0)
    ERROR: You must specify a device file.

    Usage: ntfsclone [OPTIONS] SOURCE
    Efficiently clone NTFS to a sparse file, image, device or standard output.

    -o, --output FILE Clone NTFS to the non-existent FILE
    -O, --overwrite FILE Clone NTFS to FILE, overwriting if exists
    -s, --save-image Save to the special image format
    -r, --restore-image Restore from the special image format
    --rescue Continue after disk read errors
    -m, --metadata Clone *only* metadata (for NTFS experts)
    --ignore-fs-check Ignore the filesystem check result
    -f, --force Force to progress (DANGEROUS)
    -h, --help Display this help

    If FILE is '-' then send the image to the standard output. If SOURCE is '-'
    and --restore-image is used then read the image from the standard input.

    Developers' email address:
    Linux NTFS homepage:
    return value of "/Library/NTFSProgs/ntfsclone" --rescue -f -f -O "/dev/disk0s3" 1>&2 is 256

    "/Library/NTFSProgs/ntfsclone" --rescue -f -f -O "/dev/disk0s3" 1>&2 did not complete successfully
    cleaning up: Mounting Disk
    Volume BOOTCAMP on /dev/disk0s3 mounted
    Wed May 4 18:20:12 BST 2011

    Hope someone can help - It has a hell of a lot of clients work on. Although this is backed up separately getting this image to work would be so much less hassle!
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    May 10, 2011

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