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Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Passante, Aug 1, 2006.

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    Apr 16, 2004
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    Can't even trust your security software :eek: Happy never to have owned a Windose system.

    from TechWeb Technology News

    A security research firm said Wednesday that McAfee's anti-virus line is vulnerable to attack, the second such warning issued about anti-virus software in two days.
  2. Killyp macrumors 68040


    Jun 14, 2006
    Ahh it's great being able to laugh at those poor Windows users stuck on an OS which hasn't changed under the skin much since 1984.
  3. Shadow macrumors 68000


    Feb 17, 2006
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    Actually, it has. From 98/Me to XP (2000 wasn't considered suitable for home users), it went from DOS-based to NT-based. But apart from that, I see no difference. Got BSoD yesterday :D :( :rolleyes: .
  4. Rapmastac1 macrumors 65816


    Aug 5, 2006
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    Actually, i run no antivirus, I use the net, everday. I have absolutely no problems. Although I do run a firewall, but all machines should. You don't really need such software unless you are downloading from questionable sites, or openeing every single email you get, or using P2P, if ur a regular PC user, then you don't need the such.

    And, for those of you who say, well, you can still get a virus. Well, recovering from it is a matter of about 2 maybe 4 hours, if ur smart. I keep all my data on a seperate hard drive, and so far, one spyware attack, and I haven't, and am not having any problems with my machine.

    Before you start calling us Windows user, as you would say, sickos, pricks, poor peeps, we are stuck, losers, ect, get ur facts straight.

    PS, I am a Mac user too, so I don't need any words, on Mac is better, to me, both systems are pretty equal, they have their advantages, and disadvatages. It jus seems Windows is years behind mac, but it does have more support than mac. If I HAD to have one, it would be Windows, I would rather be in a room full of 20 peeps, then be in a room by myself.

    And OS/X is jus as vunerable to virus attack as windows is, in a retrospect. There just aren't as many people doing software, and code, and using Mac OS. But with Windows, that is a different story.
  5. Dane D. macrumors 6502a

    Apr 16, 2004
    That is 2 to 4 hours wasted because you use a PC. I would rather have my time to do whatever pleases me and not waste time playing computer doctor.
    Ah, group think coming through. Whats wrong with being an individual? If I had to be in that room of 20 peps; there wouldn't be any computers left. Because the rage I get using PCs would result in smashed PCs. :rolleyes: And that last paragraph makes no sense.
  6. MisterMe macrumors G4


    Jul 17, 2002
    Just because you don't know that you have viruses doesn't mean that you don't have them. Your belief that your computer has no viruses is based on two false assumptions. The worst is the belief that viruses hurt performance. Without question, many viruses and other malware hurt performance. However, those are the badly written ones. A very large percentage of malware is intended to generate money for its authors. This malware cannot do its job if it renders its infected computers inoperable. Thousands of users just like you go blithely about their business until some paranoid dweeb does a virus scan for them. Then they discover that they have thousands of infected files.

    Your second false premise that you are smart enough to avoid doing the things that contract viruses in the first place. This is simply not true. The ordinary user taking ordinary care cannot connect a Windows computer to the Internet and expect to get no viruses without antivirus software. Too many users have seen their computers infected before they finished typing in their settings.
  7. Rapmastac1 macrumors 65816


    Aug 5, 2006
    In the Depths of the SLC!
    Actually, not entirely true. I have been testing this out, using Limewire and what not for thirty days. And I have done this....

    I ran this test for 30 days and have used no security except for windows firewall (Mac has a built in firewall, so it's faire)
    My end result, I have no spyware, I have one adware (Which is a program that makes the finger on ur clicker look like a middle finger, so it isn't bad, jus annoying, as norton classifys it) and I have no viruses.

    The thing everyon says, the second you connect, bam, spyware, bam, virus, it just isn't completely true. Now I haven't been scrolling around questionable sites and what not, so I cannot say. But you can use WIndows without security, although a firewall is a good idea.

    Now, I personally would prefer safety over speed, but I would rather just have a scan once and a while rather than have a full fledged virus system running in the background.

    For now tho, after a reinstall I am running Norton (I had to reinstall to get my activation again, stupid OEM), and I'm still ok.

    But, yes OSX is a lot more advanced, bar none, years ahead of Windows, and with Crossover coming soon there should be no use for Windows.

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