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Nov 29, 2006
Mac Studio, 2 monitors. First via USB-C, second via HDMI. The 'better' monitor connected via USB-C seems to wake more slowly. MacOS starts with all app windows configured as they were pre-sleep. But with the delay in one monitor causes the OS to move everything to monitor 2. Then monitor one wakes and everything get's redistributed—most of the time. Sometimes, the delay is too long and everything has to be repositioned from monitor 2. This is particularly troublesome with Adobe apps (another issue entire, I know :rolleyes:). I know there are window management apps, which I have started exploring but has anyone come across a way to just delay the process a little? I'd take a slow wake from sleep if everything was reliably in the right place.


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Apr 27, 2003
There is no fix, software or otherwise, for this problem. You can use software to mitigate it, meaning you can use apps to set up "workspaces" that allow you to organize your windows with the click of a button... but problems like Adobe app windows that shrink to half their size or get placed half off the screen when your second monitor finally "connects" won't go away. The only thing you can do is fix them more quickly.
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