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    I am running Windows 10 on a MacPro1,1. I deleted Mac OS X and simply installed Windows on the Mac Pro as if it is a regular PC. I used the Boot Camp drivers and all is working well except....

    I notice that I cannot install redistributables such as older DirectX or Visual C++. The installer just hangs and refuses to proceed. I don't know if this is a Mac Pro hardware issue or a general feature / bug of Windows 10 (I am running Anniversary Update build).

    Can anyone here using Windows 10 on a Mac Pro help me?
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    How can it both "hang" and "refuse". "Hang" is a lack of response. "Refuse" is a response that says "no".

    Are you referring to the build 1607 kit? There's no "anniversary update" string in any the kits.

    How did you get to build 1607? Did you download a 1607 kit and install that, or install an older build and run Windows Update on an older version like 1511?

    By the way ("BTW" for you text freaks who don't like to use real words) "build 1607" means the feature update released in July (month "07") of 2016 (year "16" - hence "1607"). Build 1511 was the November 2015 feature update.

    Expect similar things in the future - a feature release will have an official "YYMM" build number, and some marketing name that's meaningless. (Much like the trash can pro is officially the MP6,1, but is the "new Mac Pro" or other names in marketing and other pages.)

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