Windows 10 on external SSD: rename "EFI Boot" in startup manager?


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Jul 30, 2007
Tokyo, Japan
I've googled this and found other people asking the same question, but haven't found any answers yet.

I installed Windows 10 on an external SSD and it works great. The only weird thing is that when I hold Option while booting, I'm given the choice of booting to Catalina on my internal drive, or "EFI Boot" for Windows (on the external SSD). I can't seem to find where this name is actually stored, or how to change it. If I change my startup disk from within System Preferences, it correctly shows as the Windows 10 partition's name, the highly creative "Windows" ... lol. But when I reboot the iMac and hold the option key to select, it shows the Windows install as "EFI Boot."

Does anyone know how to change it?
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