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Jul 13, 2018
Hi. I'm trying to transfer some big files from my Win 10 (Samsung 970 PRO SSD) to my new M1 iPad 11 (using iTunes) via different USB-C 3.1-3.2 cables and the maximum transfer speed I get is 60-100 Mbytes/sec (500-800 Mbps). What is the problem? How to get 5-10 Gbps speeds?


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May 16, 2015
You probably need actual thunderbolt cable, rather than a generic USB3 cable cause those are not rated for 40Gbps Thunderbolt speed. Also, SSD may bottleneck itself so check that one out as well.
Other Than that, there is also a chance that iTunes bottleneck the transfer speed but I am not really sure about that since iTunes can max out HDD (yeah spinner) speed under USB3 fairly easily. Yeah, not an achievement but still.
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