Windows 10 "temp" profile troubles

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by dandeco, Aug 23, 2015.

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    Dec 5, 2008
    Hey, I haven't posted here for a while, but since I had this problem, I figured I'd try here for help.

    A few weeks ago I had upgraded the Windows 7 Boot Camp partition on my MacBook (mid-2009 polycarbonate model) to Windows 10. The install went smoothly, and after a few updates, things were fine. But last week, I was using the Windows 10 partition, and I had gotten up to get something, but when I come back, I got their "new" blue screen of death saying the computer needed to be restarted. So I decided not to deal with Windows 10 problems for the rest of the day and simply booted back into OS X.
    But then later, I tried booting back into Windows 10. But each time it did, after asking for my password, it'd seem to log in successfully, but among getting to the desktop, it would instead act as if it was booted up for the first time. The search bar was back on the taskbar (I usually removed it), many apps would act like they were being started up for the first time, and all my files were no longer easily accessible! It turned out I was actually in a profile that even though had my username, my documents folders were actually in a user location called "TEMP." All my other files were safe in my regular user folder. (I still backed them up, to be safe.)
    I tried rebooting into Windows 10 again. And once again it was acting like I had booted it up for the first time! Any apps I had used the last time (like Firefox) had to be set up AGAIN. It was as if Windows 10 had amnesia!
    I also tried checking the disk, and it said there were errors, and they were repaired, but among booting back into Windows 10, I was still in the temporary profile and the OS still had amnesia. I figured it was no use using the Windows 10 partition until it was fixed.

    I looked it up online. All the fixes for this solution were only for Windows 7 and 8. Nothing for Windows 10. I have a bad feeling I may need to reformat the partition and just stick with Windows 7 until it's no longer supported.

    Anything else I should try or attempt?
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    Nov 23, 2011
    Ah sounds like the user account is corrupted and creates a temp folder. Damned annoying issue on Windows. There are loads of registry suggestions but every time I've tried them (and I've tried a lot of them on lots of different computers), it doesn't work.

    A format/reinstall is unfortunately the only way around this, in my experience. (If anybody has a solution please quote me as I'll be interested to try it in future).

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